First Visit

Preparation For Your First Visit
What to expect on your first dental visit? The initial consultation is very important so that you may discuss with your sedation dentist your particular diagnosis and treatment options.

The procedures are usually done as a team (with your dentist, dental specialist or family doctor), we usually require that you be referred to our offices by a professional, with the exception of patients seeking sedation dentistry. You may have your referral slip and x-rays (if applicable) sent to us or you may bring them along with with you. In many cases, an x-ray of some sort will be taken at the time of your consultation.

When you arrive, please check in with the reception staff. If not already done, you may be given some information to fill in, or will review it with a staff member. Please bring any insurance information so that we may expedite your reimbursements.

Be prepared to provide all information about medications on your health questionnaire, including any prescribed, over-the-counter, herbal remedies, vitamins, natural products and alternative medicines. It is very important to advise us if you are a smoker, since this may affect the healing of any dental surgery.