Making a bi-annual dentist appointment is usually the extent to which most people go for their oral health care routine. However, every now and then a dental emergency or concern can occur that needs immediate care and attention, but some might not know if an actual dentist appointment is necessary So we’re here to help with “You Know It’s Time To Call the Dentist When”…

You Have An Aching Tooth
A toothache is neither a comfortable incident, nor one that should be ignored. Although sometimes an aching tooth might be due to cold or hot beverages (sensitive teeth), or even from a night of clenching or grinding your teeth; seeing a dental professional when you have an aching tooth can prevent greater and more costly oral concerns from progressing. So …you know it’s time to call the dentist when you have a toothache!

You Have A Chipped or Cracked Tooth
A chipped or cracked tooth is usually an emergency call because it looks unsightly. However, a chipped or cracked tooth can also lead to other more serious oral concerns, and turn very painful very quickly due to the enamel being stripped away in that area and blood vessels and nerves being exposed. So …you know it’s time to call the dentist when you have a chipped or cracked tooth!

Your Teeth Are Overly Sensitive
Sensitive teeth might not be an indicator of an oral concern, and such things can be quickly addressed with toothpaste specifically meant for sensitive teeth.

However, a sensitive tooth can also be an indicator of tooth decay, so if you have been using special toothpaste to guard against sensitive teeth, yet it has not corrected the problem – it’s time to call the dentist!

At DentistsRUs we want to ensure you oral concerns aren’t actually a pending emergency. We provide you with a variety of dental professionals throughout the Lower Mainland who can offer you a dental checkup or emergency services and will have you on your way with a healthy smile in no time!

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