There is no need for any fear of pain in the wisdom tooth extraction process. You can choose to “go under” with a general anesthetic, or simply have a local anesthetic injected into the area where your tooth is to be extracted, and stay awake during the process. Either way, your dental professional will ensure you are comfortable throughout.

After your tooth has been extracted, it usually forms a blood clot within the empty socket. Gauze will be placed in this socket, which you will bite down on for a couple hours post-extraction. Sometimes your dental professional will put a few self-dissolving stitches to close the gum as well.

Although multiple tooth extractions are rare and a last resort, they are usually done for patients who have periodontal disease or extensive dental decay. As mentioned, in severe cases of periodontal disease, the teeth become loose because of the extensive bone loss surrounding the teeth. The gums stay inflamed and infected and continually trap food. This is not healthy. Removing hopeless teeth is a good thing because chronic dental infections can be the source of heart attacks, strokes and many other medical problems. Multiple tooth extractions can be a very good idea when someone has to have a number of teeth removed. This avoids lots of additional visits to the dental office and cuts down on the number of times the patient has to worry about having tooth extraction surgery performed.

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