Every time you go in to see your dentist it is likely they ask you if you have been flossing. The truth is, is they already know the answer based on the health of your gums and teeth, but it’s an important question that deserves to be asked each and every time. Why? Because it is as vital as brushing your teeth in order to maintain your oral health.

Although your teeth may appear “clean”, flossing is the added step necessary to clean the space between your gums and teeth, playing a major role in removing harmful plaque bacteria that can lead to tartar buildup and decay over time.

The Tartar / Gingivitis Link
Not addressing you’re your tartar buildup can lead to gingivitis, which causes your gums to become red and swollen and can also lead to periodontitis if left unchecked.

The Gingivitis / Periodontitis Connection
Tartar build up beneath your gums can lead to periodontitis, which is a severe gum disease creating chromic inflammation, eventual tooth loss as well as bone loss.

Even the best toothbrush cannot get in between your teeth, which is why manual flossing remains one of the best ways to clean in-between your teeth and prevent all these concerns from occurring.

Prevention is the Best Remedy
Maintaining your oral health also means you are maintaining your overall health.

Flossing plays a key part in this, ensuring that plaque is addressed before it turns into tartar. By flossing regularly and including it in your daily dental care routine, you can better ensure optimal health for years to come.

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