40% of Canadians do not seek dental care due to fear and anxiety

According to statistics, some Canadians are not attending to their oral health due to fear and anxiety. It can be derived from patients having fear that they could feel pain, an unpleasant experience from the past, the invasiveness of dentistry, or a dislike of sounds and smells associated with dental offices.

Sedation Dentistry in Langley – Our Compassionate Team

Our goal is to create an experience for our patients that we would want for ourselves, our families and friends. We want to help each one of our patients with graceful, gentle and respectful dental care. Here is a list of what we offer to our patients!

  • Our relaxing and cozy reception area with piano music in the background creates a warm ambiance that will make you feel at home
  • Our attentive and caring team of dentists and staff listen to your individual needs and understand that anxiety and fear can prevent some patients from getting their recommended treatments to achieve optimum oral health.
  • We offer superior quality in discussing your treatment plans and achieve an acceptable standard of oral health
  • Our modern dental equipment is much quieter and we do our best to keep our office sensually attractive within our spa like atmosphere and a maintained fresh clean smell.
  • Our appropriate pain management techniques assure that you will have a comfortable and pleasant visit every time.
  • We can share with you the various types of sedation we provide that will cater to your own specific needs and make your dental visits an uplifting experience.

“I was always afraid of going to the dentist after having a really bad experience at my previous dental office. My teeth have always been quite sensitive and I felt a sharp pain in my tooth after having a filling done. After that I was terrified to ever feel that kind of pain again. When I came in to enquire about Sedation dentistry at the Tri-city location, they made me feel at ease so I decided to book an appointment and loved my experience. They took the time to get to know my specific needs, listened to my concerns and explained to me all the different options available so I could decide for myself what would be best. I now take my family to this location and would recommend it to everyone” –Darwin Alverez

Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have as your oral health comes first. Do not let fear and anxiety come in the way of your dental care. Dentists R Us offers solutions and positive outcomes to feel the security of good oral health and confidence of looking and feeling your best!

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