Flossing seems to be one of those “optional” oral care to-do’s for a lot of people, but flossing your teeth is actually incredibly important as it pertains to the health of your gums as well as your teeth. From cavity and gum disease prevention, to better breath, flossing should definitely not be considered optional – but imperative to good oral health.

Flossing Cleans the Space Between
Food can easily become trapped between your teeth, and no matter how much you brush; flossing is quite often the only way to truly clean these tiny spaces.

Even though you might not see green spinach, black pepper or other noticeable food between your teeth, there is still plaque building up day after day, and plaque will eventually turn into tartar – which can give you teeth a yellow appearance.
In addition, there is bacteria building up between your teeth if you are not flossing, which can lead to cavities, so don’t run the risk of such costly repairs by forgoing your flossing routine.

The Reality of Gingivitis
The reality of gingivitis isn’t a pleasant one. Gingivitis causes your gums to become red and swollen, and it can be uncomfortable, smelly and lead to a disease known as periodontitis, which occurs when tartar builds up beneath your gums, leading to both tooth loss as well as bone loss.

Although we love to see each and every one of our patients regularly, at DentistsRUs, we want your smile to be healthy even when you haven’t just left one of our offices. We know that taking proper care of your teeth includes regular flossing, so ensure you are taking preventative measures and keep your teeth and gums healthy by flossing daily!

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