Nothing is sweeter than the pure scent of an infant; a scent that simply makes you want to adorn them with cuddles and kisses galore. But did you know that kissing a child on the mouth could result in transferring cavity-causing bacteria?

It is a very personal choice how we raise our children and how we display affection, but understanding some core science could help prevent childhood cavities from occurring.

Evidence of Cavity Causing Kisses
Studies show that, if you have an untreated cavity, you also have cavity causing bacteria within your mouth known as Streptococcus mutants. So saliva transferred can lead to decay before the teeth have even erupted, and/or affect the ones that have.

According to a 2008 study in Pediatric Dentistry, “strong evidence demonstrated that mothers are a primary source of MS [mutants streptococci] colonization of their children; a few investigations showed other potential sources … notably fathers.”.

Shared Utensils, Soother Cleaning, and Food Chewing
Moms and Dads alike want their children to be cared for and protected to the utmost of their abilities, so cleaning a soother that has fallen on the floor by putting it in their mouth first, or biting a grape in half so as to not offer their child a piece of fruit that lends itself to a choking hazard, or testing food on the end of the spoon to ensure it’s not too hot …these are all common things a parent does.

Although this is intrinsically loving and protective, if you have cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, it can also be unfortunately harmful.

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