It is not an overly common practice to extract teeth within modern dentistry today, in fact, retaining your natural teeth is highly important to any good dental professional.

The only exception is the extraction of wisdom teeth. This is a beneficial and common practice in order to maintain optimal oral health, prevent your teeth from crowding, and keeping you clear of the pain of wisdom teeth becoming impacted.

Why Teeth Are Extracted
Teeth are often only extracted if they are beyond repair and/or putting you at risk for ongoing infections, gum disease, or crowding. If a tooth is chipped, this is often fixed with a filling or a crown, but if it is cracked down into the gum line – this could be another reason the tooth would need to be extracted, as such repairs are not advised.

Sedation and Tooth Extraction
“Going under” during wisdom teeth extractions is a common practice, and so too can be the case for the removal of any other teeth.

DentistsRUs has a variety of dental professionals around the Lower Mainland who offer sedation dentistry. Whether you are put into a mild sedation, or fully go “to sleep”, there are many options to ensure your comfort and care during more intensive dental treatments.

Taking out all fear and worry from any form of dental care is important to us, as we want our patients to not hesitate to visit a dentist as often as necessary …so we take every precaution to make you comfortable and address your needs before they become concerns.

The After Care of a Tooth Extraction
Your body is an amazing machine, and will begin to repair itself once your tooth has been extracted.

Gauze is placed in the socket where the tooth was removed, and you will bite down on this gently for a
couple hours, giving your mouth a chance to form a blood clot in the area.

Sometimes a few self-dissolving stitches will close up the area, but often it is left to heal on it’s own to prevent any food or liquid from becoming trapped underneath the stitches.

At DentistsRUs we provide you with a variety of dental professionals throughout the Lower Mainland who offer teeth extractions. So give us a call to talk further about your areas of need or to secure an appointment …we look forward to helping you maintain your smile with ease and comfort!