At DentistsRUs, we understand that not everyone is aware of what to expect during a dental visit. Whether you are new to Canada, or have a child coming for the first time, going to the dentist can hold some concerns for a variety of people.

So allow us to better prepare you with this post detailing ‘What To Expect During a Dental Visit’!

Regardless of which of our dental professionals you visit across the Lower Mainland, any and all of our dentists will ask for and help you create a full health history. That way, if your health status changes on subsequent visits, your dentist can better help you pinpoint the cause of concern. From there, your newly appointed dentist will…

Begin with a Cleaning – a dental cleaning is an important first step in getting your mouth in optimal condition. From your teeth to your gums to your tongue, having a cleaning will better help your dentist, with the assistance of a dental hygienist, to remove plaque and tartar, which can cause gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other problems.

Complete a Dental Examination – after your cleaning, your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, looking for signs of gum disease, oral cancers, and a variety of other potential concerns.

X-Rays – if any issues are noticed, or concerns are voiced, your dentist will require x-rays in order to diagnose the problem. In fact, regardless of the visual signs, your dentist will want to uncover if there are any concerns with impacted teeth, abscesses, cysts or tumors, and decay between the teeth – all of which can often only be detected with an x-ray.

At DentistsRUs, we know that taking care of your teeth means more than brushing and flossing. For complete care, it is important to visit a dentist every 6-months for a checkup and cleaning. So call or click on one of our local dental professionals below to book an appointment, and ensure the health and maintenance of your teeth is in order!

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