Valentine’s Day might be a largely commercial “holiday” that plays on the emotions of the hopeful romantic, but no matter what – it is fun and should be filled with lots of smiles!

Understanding Appeal
At DentistsRUs, we won’t pretend to be the experts on “appeal”, as we feel it is as individual as each person seeking or lending it. People find a variety of qualities appealing in the people they seek out or have settled down with, but putting your “best form forward” is important in helping that spark fly and stay bright, beyond simply trying to dazzle another with simply your great personality.

The Attractive Nature of a Healthy White Smile
Studies show, that no matter if you are applying for a job or seeking a spouse, a healthy white smile is something people will first notice about you. And oral hygiene is about more than just swishing with mouthwash before a date …it’s about looking clean too. From your skin, to your hair, to your teeth, cleanliness is a big deal and truly matters.

So if you are looking for ways to dazzle your current partner, or your potential one, consider having a teeth cleaning and a whitening treatment. You will be amazed at how good it will make you feel …and in fact, a whiter smile is even said to shave up to 10 years off of your appearance! Appeal and agelessness in one easy treatment!

So call, click, or come by to get you started on a smile others will notice…

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