Your mouth is filled with a variety of teeth, known by a variety of names, and in this post we will help you better understand what each of your teeth are called, and in which areas they are located.

The Technical Names of Teeth


Incisors are the square teeth at the front of your mouth, leading towards middle of your jaw. There are a total of four incisors on the bottom of your jaw, and four on the top. Their main purpose – to bite.


Canines are the teeth on either side of your incisors, both on the top, as well as the bottom. These teeth are also sometimes referred to as eyeteeth or bicuspids.


Premolars are the teeth directly behind your canines, and there are two sets of these teeth, also on the top as well as on the bottom.


Molars are your very back teeth, located directly behind your premolars. The furthest back and last of your molars, are often the teeth that require extraction, as your jaw usually does not provide enough room for them to grow appropriately.

In total, adults have 12 molars called: first, second, and third molars. The third molars are known as your wisdom teeth, the ones that we mentioned usually require extraction.

Wisdom teeth emerge from the gum between the ages of 17 and 24. They are the last of the large grinding teeth at the back of the mouth, with some people never even developing wisdom teeth. However, you could have up to four grow in if you do – one in each corner of your mouth.

If there isn’t enough space for them to grow at the back of your mouth, this can cause impacted wisdom teeth, which can cause pain, swelling and/or infection.

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