Many individuals wrestle with whether to fill their cavities with amalgam (silver) fillings. In recent years there has been a bit of a controversy over the matter. So at DentistsRUs, we thought we would provide our public with the information that is being buzzed about, and that which is known in the scientific community.

With even a hint of worry behind having mercury in your mouth, some individuals have simply gone ahead and had all their fillings replaced with white composite fillings offered at Burnaby Sedation Dental, as well as our New West and Langley locations.

The fear has been, that when mercury is compacted into certain levels, it can cause neurological issues, autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses and mental disorders. Until recently, a large percentage of individuals did not know that their amalgam fillings contained mercury. Hence the “panic” to have them removed once the word “mercury” came into the knowledge bank of the general public.

However, the controversy that comes with this knowledge, is whether or not the amount of mercury used in fillings, contains enough potential mercury vapor to be a significant risk.

The dental community is split, with half of dental professionals still offering amalgam fillings. And the other half of dental professionals no longer providing this as an option.

In 2009, the FDA issued a new regulation placing dental amalgams into Class II (moderate risk) from Class I (low risk), allowing them to impose special controls and recommendations surrounding the use of amalgams.

Silver fillings have been used for 150 years; and there is a split opinion on if significant amounts of mercury vapor is released from silver fillings. But one thing we do know, is that the number of fillings in the mouth, the age of the fillings, an individual’s diet, the acid we put in the mouth through carbonated drinks and grinding of the teeth …all are contributing factors of whether the vapor is “released”.

As with any dental work, it is important to maintain regular visits to see if your fillings are in healthy condition. Ensuring that there are no cracks or damage to your fillings is vital in maintaining your oral health, whether you have silver fillings, or white ones.

If you have further questions of concerns, DentistsRUs has a vast array of local dental professionals ready to answer your questions. We have dental professionals offering their services in multiple locations around the Lower Mainland, and we look forward to addressing any of your concerns at your next visit.

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