Have you ever wondered why your tongue might be a colour uncommon with a seemingly healthy tongue? At DentistsRUs, we wanted to help solve this mystery by ‘Uncovering Your Tongue Colour Concerns’!

Reasons for a White Tongue
If it appears as though you have somewhat of a white film covering your tongue, there could be a variety of reasons, which include:

Oral Thrush – is a type of yeast infection in the mouth, and will appear like white patches on your tongue with the consistency of cottage cheese. This is something often found in infants or the elderly – especially those who wear dentures, and can be caused by a weakened immune system.

Leukoplakia – is when the cells in your mouth rapidly grow, creating white patches on the tongue. Leukoplakia can be a pre-cancer indicator, so having regular dental visits will better insure detection and/or an alternate explanation.

Lichen Planus – consists of raised white bumps on your tongue, and although it often gets better on its own via healthy oral practices, stopping the use of tobacco products and excluding foods that cause a reaction can help eliminate this concern.

Reasons for a Red Tongue
One might argue that a tongue is always red, but when we say “red tongue”, we mean a darkened version of a healthy pink tongue. Reasons for a red tongue include…

Vitamin Deficiency – including a lack of B12 as well as folic acid.

Geographic Tongue – which looks like a map pattern on your tongue, often with white borders, and is in itself harmless, but should be looked at by a dental professional.

Scarlet Fever – is also a cause for a “strawberry tongue” and usually comes with a high fever, which is something your medical professional should be looking at immediately.

At DentistsRUs, we want to ensure the health of your mouth – from teeth to tongue. So give any of our Lower Mainland dentists a call, and be sure to maintain regular dental visits to keep your tongue the right shade of pink!

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