“Tooth Extraction” …even the term has us clenching our jaw in trepidation. However, it truly does not need to be a worrisome procedure, and sometimes having a tooth removed is a healthy solution. If you have a broken tooth or one with excessive damage preventing any other form of dental repair, extraction is often the cure.

Clearly most – if not all – dental professionals ward against removing teeth, which is why consistent dental care is so important to better guard against this.

Understanding Single Tooth Extraction

A single tooth extraction is a fairly routine procedure, one that you can have completed under various forms of sedation – whichever meets your comfort level.

Once the tooth is removed, you will have a piece of gauze placed within the missing tooth area, which you will bite down on in order to form a blood clot.

Sometimes your dentist will put self-dissolving stitches in the space to close the gum, but it can also be left to heal on it’s own if the socket isn’t too large.

It is important to keep this socket clean and clear of debris, which you can easily do by swishing with mild salt water a few times a day. This is a natural way to keep bacteria at bay and clean the socket effectively.

Multiple Teeth Extractions

Multiple tooth extractions are incredibly rare, but for those who suffer from periodontal disease or extensive dental decay, sometimes it is necessary to remove multiple teeth in order to prevent further decay within the mouth.

As mentioned – having your teeth extracted is a last resort, but sometimes removing a tooth or multiple teeth is beneficial, as chronic dental infections can be the source of heart attacks, strokes and many other medical problems.

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