When you smile you make a positive statement without having to say a word, which is why DentistsRUs wants to help promote this good idea, and offer you reasons to smile more often!

1. Smiling Creates Happiness
When you smile, not only does it make YOU feel better, it also makes those around you feel better. Studies of all forms have been conducted to collect the scientific data on smiling, happiness and shared joy, and the basic fact is that smiling IS in fact contagious!

2. Smiling Relieves Stress
Stress is not only a mood killer, but also a disease creator and a wrinkle prompter. Neither of those things is pleasant, and although stress is hard to avoid, how you respond to it is largely up to you. It might sound silly, but smiling in the face of stress could actually help relieve or even eliminate it!

3. Smiling Enhances Beauty to You and the World Around You
Within and without, smiling can help you create more beauty in the world and within your person. Smiling is truly one of the best accessories you can wear, and one of the best ways to bring joy to your immediate world. So smile brightly and often!

4. Smiling is an Immune Booster
Not only can smiling help you create happiness, manage stress and enhance beauty, it also releases endorphins that prompt further happiness and creates more white blood cells that help fight illness. Amazing but true!

5. Smiling Instills Trust and Comfort
Smiling makes you appear more approachable, friendly, and offer those around you a sense of comfort and trust. No matter if you are running a company or running a household, smiling will help those around you (adults and children alike) feel comfortable and able to open up!

Simply put – smiling is an easy way to increase your health and better your mood, while offering a trustworthy and comforting appearance. So if you are in a stressful situation or are feeling down, DentistsRUs suggests grinning from ear to ear so you can take advantage of the many benefits smiling has to offer!

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