Christmas can often come with a lot of stress and a long to-do list, so keeping your smile during this festive time can often be a struggle for those facing the aforementioned concerns. However, there are ways to get through it with a smile on your face …and not a fake one either!

Create Your Imagination Station

Before you begin your holiday routine rituals, visualize how you would like the day, – or even the week – to go. What’s the ideal scenario? It’s likely that your Christmas crowd is well fed, content, and joyous. See that happy end result, and start making it happen internally so you can help prompt it to appear externally.

Let the Music Play

Music makes the heart merry, so consider checking off your to-do list with festive music playing in the background. Before you know it, you will likely be singing along and dancing a jig, prompting joyous moments that those around you will remember for seasons to come.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

It’s an interesting fact that when we become stressed, we tend to forget to breathe. At least deeply, and in a manner that can help our body to relax. Breathing is so important to minimizing your bodies feeling of being stressed. So consciously breathe through your chores and events, and you will quickly recognize that you are handling them with much greater ease.

Stop to Smell the Mistletoe

Rushing around will have you missing the moments that truly matter, and sometimes being busy doesn’t always mean you’re getting a lot done. So try and slow down, take it in, and you’ll be surprised and how much more you can accomplish in that state of mind.

Be a Kid Again

As adults, we often grow to forget how to play and have fun. Kids are always in the moment, harnessing as much enjoyment out of life as they can. So give yourself permission to revisit these child-like ways, and watch your smile grow 3 sizes!

At DentistsRUs, we love nothing more than seeing others smile. So this holiday season, join us in making more efforts to imagine, breathe, sing, dance, be still and play …and watch your Christmas turn from bustling business, to true joy!

From us to you – Merry Christmas!