As with toothbrushes, toothpastes also widely vary on the benefits and features department. From sensitivity preventing, to enamel replenishing, to fresh-breath making, to whitening …to all of the above. The options are many and the decision-making process can be a bit of a quandary.

When it comes to kids, they often want something that tastes good …and that’s fair. We would add to your tasty tube a paste that contains fluoride.

Also, as a lot of kids swallow their paste to some extent, keep the amount you use to a tiny pea-size amount to lessen the amount they ingest.

Mouthwash is a little like gum. It might cover a multitude of “sins” but it doesn’t clean your teeth. Also, if you are masking chronic bad breath, you might be masking health problems that reside within your system somewhere, and should be addressed on a medical level.

Mouthwash that contains fluoride is sometimes recommended by dentists, especially for children, but should only be used under adult supervision.

Flossing might not be the most popular thing on your daily to-do list, but it’s imperative …and thus why we saved the “best for last”.

Flossing for kids can be a difficult task. Their dexterity is not such that they can fully master it early on. But by the age of 6, once their adult teeth start to appear and their teeth are forming more tightly together, floss is imperative for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

A water irrigation devise is an added consideration to floss. It has the pressure to remove food from teeth and keep the “space-between” cleaner, but this doesn’t mean you can skip the floss.

These devices are increasingly helpful if anyone in your family has braces, or any form of mouth appliances pre-orthodontics.

Both children and adults need to floss. Children whose teeth have come together will have the same plaque buildup as an adult does between his or her teeth, so helping your child floss once a day is imperative for healthy teeth.

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