Although you might think you knew all there was to know about your oral health, we will likely surprise you with a couple things you didn’t know in this post! From braces causing cavities, to “sour” causing cavities …we have some oral truths you might not have been aware of.

Sour Stuff …it isn’t so sweet for your teeth

Although we think of sugar as the main cavity-causing culprit, sour foods and drinks can be just as corrosive. Acidic food with a low pH can actually soften your teeth. From the obvious bad guy – pop – to even pure fruit juice …both can soften your teeth, making them more prone to cavities. “Softened teeth,” means enamel erosion and the diminishing size of a tooth, and unfortunately – citric acid is high on the naughty list.

Even sour gummy vitamins will stick to the pits of the teeth, which can be cause for concern. They have even been described as “battery acid” by some dental professionals – melting the tooth as it sits in/on it. Ah!

Unfortunately, a child’s tooth enamel hasn’t fully developed until about 10 years after their teeth have erupted, making them increasingly prone to cavities from this type of acid.

Braces …creates a straight smile, but may cause cavities

Now we don’t want to alarm you, but yes – braces that are uncared for can cause cavities. Keeping your teeth clean while you have braces requires additional effort, and resisting this effort could mean a lot of cavities growing in your mouth.

You can begin forming cavities around the brackets of your braces, or a lesser but still unsightly culprit known as “demineralization”. Zero fun or appearance enhancer.


Clearly, creating a straight smile that comes out riddles with cavities is something no one wants, so paying extra attention to your oral routine is imperative.

At DentistsRUs, we think fruit juices, vitamins and braces can be a beneficial choice, but understanding the nature of these things is an important factor in keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

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