Oral injuries are unfortunately common, and can be quite expensive to fix also. With over 75% of dental injuries impacting the front teeth it can be a large esthetic concern, and can also cause damage to the soft tissue surrounding your teeth – including your lips, tongue and inner cheeks.

Causes of Oral Injuries

Childhood falls are the most common reason for injuries to “baby teeth”, and sports injuries are the most common tooth and mouth injuries to adolescent and adult teeth – making up 40% of oral injuries overall.

How to Prevent Tooth and Mouth Injuries

Childhood mouth injuries are hard to guard against as they can be pretty random and unpredictable, but adolescent and adult tooth and mouth injuries are more easily prevented with such things as a mouth guard.

Ensuring you wear a mouth guard while playing any sport that could result in a facial impact injury, is paramount in keeping your teeth in optimal condition, and, well – in your mouth!

In addition, a face shield can protect against face trauma – especially in hockey, and helmets also aid in the prevention of injuries, although not often to the mouth and face region.

Repairing “Lost” Teeth

If you experience a facial injury resulting in a lost tooth (or teeth), this can be corrected and/or repaired if acted upon quickly. How quickly you get into a dental office will better result in being able to replant teeth that have been knocked out.

If you are able to retrieve the teeth that have been knocked out, be sure to gently rinse any debris from the root and put it back in the mouth. Alternately, keep it in milk until you get to the dentists office, this will keep it “alive” for a certain amount of time.

Even if your natural tooth can’t be saved, there are other options our many DentistsRUs offices and dental professionals can help you with. We have locations across the Lower Mainland to serve you quickly and effectively.

Prevention is key, but we’re here to help in the case of any oral accident.

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