A general anesthetic (GA) is a process by which you are put completely to sleep. A Board Certified Anesthesiologist is required in order to conduct any general anesthetic in an operating room environment, and our Burnaby location dentist is able to provide this service to their patients as chosen collectively between you and your dentist.

The Benefits of a General Anesthesia

There is no awareness or recollection of your surgical procedure or dental treatment when you are under the influence of a general anesthetic, and although this might sound appealing, there are parameters under which most dentists will advise their patients into or out of a GA.

Reasons for selecting a GA include: procedures that are more difficult and that require utmost patient cooperation, various medical conditions, if a patient suffers from severe gag reflex, if they are allergic to local anesthesia, and/or on occasion – patient preference.

Reasons Why You May Not Choose a General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is lesser common in dental treatments nowadays. One of the reasons for this is due to the availability of Conscious IV Sedation, which delivers similar calming affects, as well as the safe nature of it for nearly everyone.

General Anesthesia does come with risks and potential uncommon complications which your dental professional in Burnaby will go over with you, some of which being…

  • It lowers the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Routine dental work like fillings cannot be conducted on a GA as a breathing tube must be inserted
  • Very advanced training and an anesthesia team is required, so not all dental professionals elect to take this training, or wish to hire out for such services

In addition, GA is expensive and does not help to reduce dental anxiety leading up to the actual procedure.

The Alternative to General Anesthesia…

Conscious IV sedation works for around 97% of extremely anxious people who wish to alleviate this anxiety for dental procedures, and at DentistsRUs we offer a wide selection of dental professionals who offer this service throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Or we can provide General Anesthesia in our sister dental office at Burnaby Sedation Dental …our dentists will help collectively make the right decision for you!

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