Gum tissue is the tissue that surrounds your teeth and acts as a stabilizer to your those teeth, along with your jawbone. Gum recession, however, puts both your teeth and the bone (jawbone) that secures your teeth – at risk.

Once gum recession beings, bone loss is sure to follow suit. So if your dental professional at New Westminster Skytrain Sedation & General Dentistry recognizes this as a concern, you will be made quickly aware of the issue, and ways to correct and further prevent this will be discussed.

It should be noted that, you would not feel any discomfort when gum recession occurs. Apart from the fact that your teeth will become increasingly exposed, and thus become more sensitive the more the gum recedes, and the nearer it gets to the root.

Your teeth are not only further stabilized by your gums, but also – your gums protect your teeth.

Gums are made up of a tissue known as keratinized gingival. It is, as we all know, pink in colour due to the keratin content – something also found in our hair, skin, and nails. How weak or how strong they become or remain, is based largely on the keratin in your body.

Reasons Why Gum Recession Occurs…

Receding gums are caused by various factors. Chewing hard items vigorously, brushing your teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush in a rigorous manner, as well as genetics …these are all factors that can contribute to gum recession.

Maintaining your dental checkups will help to ensure your gums remain healthy, or any concerns can be noted and addressed quickly.

Frankly, gum recession is not something you want to leave unattended …so call or stop by to see your New Westminster dental professional today …they are there to help keep you smiling!

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