A straight smile is a beautiful thing, and something well-worth considering gifting yourself or your teen this Christmas!

The Gift of a Invisible Solution

When Invisalign came onto the scene within the dental community, it was a relief for many adult patients who had expressed interest in straight teeth, but who also expressed resistance to undergoing the traditional treatment involved – mainly due to the look for metal braces.

Invisalign has been widely embraced, as clear retainers are used for the straightening process, and are nearly undetectable. In fact, one would really have to look closely to detect them at all.

In addition, although they are recommended to be worn without interruption, they are removable in the case of important meetings and/or events.

Additional Benefits of Invisalign Most Don’t Consider…

Better Oral Hygiene

Because you have to remove the Invisalign trays for eating and then brush and floss before replacing them, it forces individuals undergoing this treatment to brush and floss more often. Although this might seem like a “chore”, your beautiful, straight and healthy smile will be the lasting result you end up with.

Weight Loss

In addition, weight loss is also reported as snacking becomes less appealing considering the process one needs to go through to do so.

So Invisalign can be a double-duty New Years resolution, helping you gain a straight smile, as well as shed those few extra Christmas pounds.

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