Invisalign for Teens - Modern Day Braces


Invisalign Teen is a great alternative to traditional braces as we mentioned in our previous post.

However, you should also be aware that this product will not be for everyone. There are limitations to what they can achieve, and if there are more issues to address that just a crooked tooth or two, it will need to be discussed with your local dentist whether this method is right for you.

Invisalign Teen > Considerations

  • Cost is a factor no matter if you are considering braces or aligners, but the cost and duration of your treatment can be reduced based on the time required and the amount of aligners required also. So be sure to discuss those matter with your dentist.
  • Esthetics vs. “right treatment”. Although your concern might be the appearance of braces, sometimes aligners cannot achieve the smile you hope for due to other oral issues you might face. So again …discuss this with your dentist.
  • Invisalign comes with attachments and care requirements, so once you have been fitted with your first set of aligners, insure you are well aware of the care required to keep them hygienic, as well as offering you the most “movement” for your money.
  • Invisalign Teen might be the preferred method of teeth straightening options with teens today, and they are gaining momentum for those who might have otherwise left their minor misalignments unattended to. However, although it is a nice alternative, until you actually have the discussion necessary with your dentist – you won’t know for certain if this is the correct approach for your teen’s teeth.

At Dentists R Us, we love to see smiles …and when you add to that a healthy, white and straight smile …it just adds to our sense of “accomplishment”.

So if you want to discuss the option of Invisalign Teen with one of our many dental professionals,  take a look at our locations, choose a dentists that is closest and most convenient to you …and start the process of achieving your beautiful smile for your teen!