As we mentioned in our last blog post, there are various kinds of dental bridges, so the cost will vary depending on the type you and your dental professional in the Lower Mainland collectively choose.

Your dental insurance will likely offer a percentage of coverage, so be sure to ask about the portion you will be responsible for, after your initial consultation, in order for you to be well informed on cost expectations.

How Long Can You Expect Your Dental Bridge to Last…

As far as how long a dental bridge will last, the average is around 15 years, and with proper oral hygiene and regular checkups, that lifespan can increase from there depending on the type of bridge you have and the care your take of your teeth.

Eating With a Dental Bridge…

If you have had missing or broken teeth leading up to your dental bridge, it should actually make eating a more comfortable experience. Although you don’t want to begin chewing on ice and hard pieces of meat or candy right after your dental visit, your dental bridge will soon act much like your normal teeth. But you will want to give it time to adhere and adjust to your mouth before treating it as such – and even so, we don’t recommend ever chewing on ice!

Speaking With a Dental Bridge…

Again, missing teeth are more the concern in this case also, so having a dental bridge will actually help in you being able to speak clearly.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge…

Keeping your surrounding natural teeth healthy and strong is important in maintaining the health and structure of your dental bridge. This will ensure it lasts as long as it is projected to last, and ensure your overall oral health is in good repair.

So keep up with your regular oral care routine after your dental bridge, and maintain your dental checkups to enjoy the full benefits of healthy dental bridges for years to come!

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