At DentistsRUs, most of our dental professionals within the Lower Mainland offer Three-Dimensional CT Scans. This is beneficial both for the patient as well as for the dentist, as it provides a clear look into the entirety of a patient’s mouth before undergoing any major dental procedures.

We conveniently offer these CT scans at our Burnaby Sedation & General Dentistry office, our Langley Sedation & General Dentistry office, our Tri-City Sedation & General Dentistry office, as well as our Coast Meridian Sedation & General Dentistry office. From within these locations you are able to acquire a 3D scan of your entire jaw, joints and anatomical structures – such as your sinus region. This allows our dentists to not only see the concerns you might currently have or feel, but to recognize any other pending concerns as well

The process is very similar to an X-ray, but provides a more detailed look into your mouth at large. This aids in a multitude of areas, but especially in the case of dental implants, the dentist is able to see the bone and tissue of the patient, and fully understand what they will be dealing with before proceeding.

What Else Can 3D Scans Offer Insight Into?

3D scans can also assist in diagnosing areas that might need to be addressed such as orthodontics, restorative surgery and prosthetics. By seeing the entirety of the jaw, your dentist will be able to create a more exact and perfected dental procedure plan for you, ensuring your optimal health is addressed, and that the best options for your dental care are fully explored.

If you would like to find out more about the latest 3D dental imaging, please feel free to call of click on any of our dental professionals below, offered at all four locations.

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