Primitive or modern, dentistry has always existed in some form throughout history. However, until the 1830’s there was no avoiding any pain that a dental procedure might bring with it.

Chisel’s and mallet’s where used as extraction devices, until the Greek and Roman civilization brought on the more “endurable” process of teeth extraction via forceps.

Then, shortly before the 1800’s, nitrous oxide became of interest to a British chemist. He discovered that it worked well as a pain-inhibitor, and brought on the added effect of laughing. Thus the popular nickname, “laughing gas” came into being, and over the next 50 years, nitrous oxide gained rapidly in popularity.

It took an additional 60 years, in 1863, for the gas to finally become a part of mainstream surgical procedures. It had to be combined with oxygen, but nitrous oxide, AKA – laughing gas – was the pain killer of choice in the medical community.

This led the way for local anesthetics to be developed, even utilizing cocaine as one of the earlier methods of pain reduction. The addictive qualities we soon noted though, and this product had to be removed from mainstream medicine.

Cocaine lead to procaine, which was renamed Novocain, birthing into being – “painless dentistry”, and finally offering patients a less painful way to have their dental concerns addressed.

At DentistsRUs, we know that modern dentistry has come an incredibly long way, and the pain-reducing methods, whereby you can have your dental procedures done, are plentiful.

IV Sedation in Coquitlam

Our Coquitlam dentists offer Intravenous (I.V.) Sedation, also called Conscious Sedation or “twilight sleep”, where you are given a medication to make you relaxed and drowsy for the duration of your dental procedure. For your safety, there is some awareness and you will be able to follow commands, but you are in an “altered state” which is usually perceived as quite pleasant.

Because of it’s calming effects, I.V. sedation is a very popular option to significantly reduce anxiety, make the time pass quickly, and help forget most of the procedure …and it is offered all at a very reasonable cost.

So if you are looking for a more comfortable dental experience, consider IV Sedation Coquitlam or one of our dental offices below. They will be happy to discuss this process with you at any time!

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