Who feels that a nice smile goes a long way? Not only is it pleasant to look at and receive from someone, it also feels good to smile!

Smiling is the body’s natural way in which to make us actually feel happy. When you smile, you trick your brain into thinking you are in good spirits, which helps to release endorphins that make this a more likely reality.

But Does Smiling Decrease the Affects of Aging?

In short, yes. You inner health plays a large part in your aging process. Stress is a huge factor in increasing how quickly you age, so by smiling away your blues, you can actually be minimizing the aging process, and decreasing the cortisol that is caused from stress.

Are There Anti-Aging Benefits from a Healthy Smile?

Keeping your smile active (as in – smiling), as well as healthy, will help to reduce other illnesses caused by poor hygiene and oral infections.

Brushing at least twice daily and flossing once daily will help reduce oral concerns, and adding a dental checkup at least once a year – including a cleaning, oral exam, and often x-rays, will also ensure your oral health is maintained.

Both inflammation, and periodontal disease can creep up on you, and can result in serious concerns, adding years to your overall health unnecessarily. So by staying on top of your oral care, you can ensure the longevity of your smile, oral health, and the anti-aging benefits that come with these positive lifestyle choices.

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