Sunshine and Happy Smiles

After a long snowy winter and an already wet spring, those of us in the Lower Mainland are welcoming the sunshine in any amount, and for those who suffer from seasonal depression, the sun offers a welcome warmth.

That being said, smiling despite the rain can be beneficial to your mental health, and creating your own ray of ‘Sunshine and Happy Smiles’ plays an important part in staying positive until the days are fueled by more sun and the happiness it brings.

Happy Face, Happy Heart
Did you know that faking a smile can lead to your brain actually believing you are happy? It’s true! Science has uncovered that smiling on purpose will lead to a more positive feeling and create a sense of inner joy, along with relaxing your facial muscles (takes less of them to smile!) and calming your nervous system. So even if you’re not feeling it, practice putting on a smile and uncover the difference it could make to your day.

Healthy Smiles Also Matter
A sore tooth is enough to make anyone frown, so ensuring your smile is healthy also plays an important role in your happiness. Consistent oral care and regular dental checkups all play a part in a feeling of positivity. As well, ensuring your teeth do not have any lingering decay on them, will potentially reduce increased costs down the road. A cavity left unchecked can turn into a root canal, creating a greater expense over time. So maintain those regular dental checkups for both happiness and cost effectiveness.

Smiling is a beautiful mood enhancer and a bond we can share with those around us to help them lift their mood as well …something we at DentistsRUs encourage you to try to do often as summer approaches, and see your world change from the inside out!

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