As we revealed in our last blog post, summer is a great time to schedule your teeth cleaning. Some people aim for a relaxing and unscheduled summer, while others are set to a tight schedule – still managing their work schedule and their children’s’ out-of-school schedule. Whichever your reality, setting aside time for your teeth cleaning appointments is an important part in maintaining your oral health.

As unscheduled as your summer might be, maintaining your oral care routine will ensure that cavities don’t creep up over the hot summer months. Brushing 2-3 times daily and flossing once a day also, should not be part of the “summer break schedule”. Rather, these teeth care procedures are vital, and should be maintained throughout the year without fail.

Do As I Do

Children will often mimic the behaviours of their peers or parents, so ensure that you too are maintaining the “do as I do” routine, and not just the “do as I say” one.

The Three-Week Habit

Did you know that you could break a bad habit (or create a good one) in one short month? Studies have shown that – with conscious and consistent effort – we all have the ability to break or create a habit within 3-4 weeks.

Your dental professionals in Burnaby see the outcome of bad oral habits…and topping the list is: neglecting to floss as well as sporadic teeth brushing

Healthy Smiles Rated #1

A straight and healthy smile is rated to be the most important physical feature one can have by 90% of Canadians, and the one area they find most attractive in others …even above physical fitness.

The Outcome

Bad oral care habits can cause bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and a list of other issues. But these types of bad habits can be easily addressed and reversed, changing instead to fresh breath, lowering the potential for cavities, and nearly eliminating gum disease.

At DentistsRUs, we are dedicated to healthy habits and healthy smiles. Call one of our Dental Professionals in Burnaby today to book your appointment and maintain your oral health care routine!

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