Living an active lifestyle is applauded by those of us at DentistsRUs, as –not just oral health- but overall health is important to us.

However, ensuring your oral health is taken into consideration while playing sports, is an important part of staying healthy …”tooth to toe”!

That is why some form of mouth protection is provided for you when you choose to play sports …from sports guards to mouth guards, there are various names for such “guards” but they all serve to protect your teeth from any impacts you might incur to your face or head.

This small but vital piece of equipment, will save your teeth and gums from impact, and should not be ignored or dismissed as unnecessary.

Sports such as soccer, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, football, basketball, baseball, and even mountain biking …all can attribute to mouth injuries, and as such, some form of mouth guards should be worn.

They are usually designed to protect your top teeth, but some cover both sets of teeth, depending on the vigorous nature of your sport. They protect against cut lips, broken teeth, slashed gums …and all nature of oral injuries.
If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces), you will likely need a different type of mouthguard for additional and alternate protection.

Mouth Guards …The Variety Pack

Mouth guards come in a variety of forms but have the same overall function, as mentioned. Although it might not be overly comfortable, it should be overall comfortable …fitting correctly, and not hindering speech or breathing.

A custom made mouth guard due to braces or specialty sports that you participate in, will need to be made by a dental professional, and provides the most comfort and protection for your teeth. There is more cost involved, but when it comes to saving your teeth – we feel that it is a priceless decision.

You can also opt for a boil and bite mouth guard, which is essentially a pre-formed mouth guard that is made “soft” by placing in hot water, and a mold of your teeth is created once you bite down on the softened plastic. Most sporting stores will carry this option, but we caution you that this is not the ideal protection for a lot of contact sports.

Lastly, a stock mouth guard can be purchased, and is the most inexpensive of your options. It is pre-formed with no options to alter that form. They are rather bulky and can impede your breathing ability, so they are not the most popular choice, but a “better than nothing” option in a pinch.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle?

Not when it comes to mouth guards! The stock mouth guards can be used a few times and cleaned after each use. The boil and bite mouth guards can be utilized a little longer, and the custom made mouth guards can be re-used up to a season. But ensure you disinfect them well after each use. As well, if your teeth are still growing or shifting (braces), your mouth guard will need to be addressed more frequently.

If you are an avid sports player, be sure to ask your dental professional about your best mouth guard options at your next dental checkup.

At DentistsRUs, we’re here to help, and would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for a professionally made mouth guard!

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