There is a vast array of oral mishaps that can occur to your teeth and gums, and sometimes when you have a sore mouth, it’s difficult to tell where the pain is coming from. Especially when it pertains to your gums and jaw.

Gum Problems

Gum problems can range from bleeding gums, to painful gums, to gums that appear to be separating from your teeth. Any and all of this could be a sign of gingivitis, or in worse scenarios – periodontal disease …neither of which you want.

So how do you prevents these gum problems? Ways to guard against these concerns include: ensuring your plaque is removed by brushing and flossing regularly, as well as booking regular cleanings and checkups to help prevent such gum problems.

Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth is often a symptom of stress, and for those who don’t grind – often clenching is another concern.

Other causes for adults grinding their teeth include misaligned teeth and sleeping problems. As it pertains to kids; allergies can sometimes be the culprit behind teeth grinding, something not a lot of parents are aware of.

Grinding or clenching for children and adults alike can cause headaches, sore jaws, and can even cause you to crack your teeth due to the pressure you are placing on them repeatedly during the night.

The solution? One of our dental professionals can fit you or your child with a mouth guard to prevent this from happening, and it is a wise choice for both health and potential cost issues.

Wisdom Teeth – to Remover or Not to Remove?

90% of people require their wisdom teeth to be removed due to a lack of space in their mouth. Left unaddressed it can cause over-crowding, an abscessed tooth, or gum disease …none of which anyone wants to endure.

If you are between the ages of 17-25, ensure you have your wisdom teeth looked at to check on their positioning and whether or not they should be removed to prevent future issues.

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