They say the best things in life are usually free, and a smile can definitely be slotted into that category!

In fact, not only does a smile offer those around you a sense of peace and joy, it also tricks your mind and body into being happier and more content. Good spirits can truly be created as endorphins are “mindlessly” released when we smile.

Smile Lines Don’t Age You, Frown Lines Do!

We have such a fear of appearing older than we are, or even our age for that matter, that some will even refrain from smiling in order to maintain their youthful appearance.

But the truth of the matter is, crows feet (otherwise known as smile lines) are not the most aging crease of a persons face. Deep furrors between the brows and frown lines around the mouth are.

If you fear “the lines”, simply swing by for a BOTOX treatment at any one of our dental locations …but please, do not stop smiling! It’s the prettiest thing anyone can wear, and by smiling more often, you will decrease the aging effects of cortisol – the stress hormone no one wants corsing through their bodies.

Happy People Defy Age

In addition, no matter the lines on a persons face, a happy person who is smiling will far outshine misery any day. A smile will allow your body a natural, healthy solution to optimal wellness, and boost your confidence to boot.

A Healthy White Smile is an Ageless Smile

Healthy white smiles also defy age. In fact, studies show that a white smile can shave 10 years off an aging appearance, and a straight smile increases that number. So ensure you maintain your checkups, and stop in for a teeth whitening treatment if you are finding your teeth to be yellowing with time.

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