Improving your smile doesn’t have to come at a great cost of time or finances, it can often be addressed with some simple conscience efforts and consistency, which we wanted to share.

So without further ado, here’s how you can daily maintain and improve your smile!

Keep a Regular Dental Routine
Your teeth are often the first thing someone will notice about you, so ensuring they are brushed, flossed and receiving a regular checkup is important. Small efforts make a big impact overall, so keep up with your dental routine to better ensure a healthy happy smile.

Go for a Teeth Whitening Treatment
If you have found that your teeth are yellowing over time due to food and drink, or simply due to age or medication, consider going for a teeth-whitening treatment.
At DentistsRUs, we have many dental professionals who offer teeth whitening treatments around the Lower Mainland, so feel free to click on the below locations to book an appointment.

Consider a Consultation for Cosmetic Dentistry
This is on the more costly side of oral care, but if you need more care than just a teeth-whitening treatment or checkup to repair or enhance your smile, cosmetic dentistry might be worth looking into. Cosmetic dentistry includes such treatments as…

– Traditional Braces
– Invisalign
– Veneers
– A Crown or Bridge
– Implants
…among others

Lip Balm and Fresh Breath
Lips are exposed to the sun even if it’s hiding behind the clouds. So ensure you are both hydrating your lips with lip balm, and also protecting your lips with a lip balm that has a SPF15 or higher.

Also, fresh breath is a big smile improver. Although you can’t “see” fresh breath, you can smell it …or better put, you SHOULDN’T be able to smell it. So once again, ensure you are brushing, flossing and even using mouthwash as needed.

At DentistRUs, we are here to help your smile in any way we can. Feel free to call or click on any of our dental professionals across the Lower Mainland below, and have your teeth cared for with care!
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