Okay, so we realize we just touched on this subject recently, but with a plethora of parties and gatherings to go to over the Christmas season, fresh breath is just one of the many factors to consider in a social setting. Often times bad breath can be prevented or greatly helped with a handful of simple tips, so we thought we would help get you on the path to seasonally fresh breath!

What Causes Bad Breath?

There are a number of reasons one might encounter bad breath. Bacteria are the main culprits behind creating it, but pungent food and drink can also add to the list of bad breath makers. From garlic to onions to fish to coffee to wine …these are just some of the tasty treats that can sour your tongue.

Bad habits such as smoking are contributors also, as well as gastro intestinal issues can cause bad breath arise – literally causing you to burp up stomach gasses.

How Can You Banish Bad Breath?

Start with the simple things, like brushing your teeth and tongue, and flossing regularly. This will scrub away any bacteria and food particles wedged between your teeth or resting on your tongue.

Mouthwash is a secondary step, and you can also gargle with peroxide (use caution) as the oxygen within the peroxide actually kills bacteria.

Also, increase your water intake. Water is an amazing dilutor of many-a-thing, including bad breath.

Ensure you maintain regular visits to both your dentist as well as your doctor. Oral health and overall health are closely linked, and sometimes bad breath can be associated with stress, underlying sicknesses, and even something as simple as a sinus infection. So be sure to go and get your clean bill of health regularly.

Lastly, for a quick fix …chew gum. Whether it’s of the regular kind or one that contains xylitol, either can help you – at the very least – mask your bad breath until which time you can resolve the problem entirely.

At DentistsRUs, we understand the importance of fresh breath, and our dental professionals are available to help you maintain and retain a happy healthy mouth for all your seasonal settings!

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