Bad habits have a way of creeping up on us, and before we know it – they become very difficult to break. From chewing on pencils to sipping on soda, the little things have a way of becoming big concerns if we aren’t careful.

Here are some examples of oral habits you likely will want to rid yourself of in order to maintain your oral health.

The Front Teeth Opener

Opening bottles and plastic packages with your teeth is a sure way to chip a tooth or two. Your teeth are not designed to be used as tools, and if you choose do so, you might very well find yourself in the dentist chair, undergoing a very costly repair. So leave the dirty work to the kitchen tools intended to be used as openers.

The “Write” Way to Use a Pencil/Pen

Many people fall prey to chewing on pencils or pens at school or work. Although this might seem harmless, over time, chewing on these hard items can wear down your teeth, weakening their structure and potentially cracking the enamel. If you have the urge to chew, grab a piece of sugarless gum and enjoy this soft chew intended for your teeth.

Drenching Your Teeth in Sugar

As we are all aware, soda pop is riddled with sugar. But did you know it also contain phosphoric and citric acid, which both eat away at tooth enamel? Tooth enamel is something you will definitely want to retain for the entirety of your life. And don’t think that diet pop doesn’t have this effect – diet pop is actually known to have more acid due to the artificial sweeteners that are used.

Subjecting Your Teeth to Sports (drinks)

Sports drinks are not exempt from the enamel attack similar to pop. The high sugar content in sports drinks can lead to decay, just as with any sugary food or drinks – from candy to fruit juice to cookie binges.

Snack Attacks and the Attack On Your Teeth

Snacking leaves food particles in your teeth that would normally be brushed away quickly with a meal. Frequent snacking can speed up your metabolism, but should be kept to items with low to no sugars – such as carrot sticks and apples. These crunchy choices are good for your body, and actually help to scrub away plaque while you eat.

At DentistsRUs, we want to help you maintain your oral health season after season. So as we approach spring, perhaps take stock of your oral health, and see what shifts you might make to better ensure your teeth are healthy for many more seasons to come!