At DentistsRUs, our Burnaby Sedation & General Dentistry office can provide you with general anesthetic (also known as GA), allowing you to rest easy during your next dental treatment.

General Anesthetic is a process by which you will be put completely to sleep within a safe and controlled operating room environment, during which your dental procedure is completed under your restful state, and our dental professionals watchful eye.

General Anesthetic as administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist in an operating room environment – as mentioned – so all precautions are taken to ensure your comfort and care throughout the entirety of the dental procedure.

What To Expect While Under General Anesthetic

During the time in which you are under GA, there is no awareness of what is going on, and following your treatment there will be no recollection of your surgical or dental procedure.

Reasons for selecting a GA include:

  • A more difficult dental procedures that requires unhindered patient cooperation
  • Certain specific medical conditions
  • Severe gag reflex concerns
  • An allergy to local anesthesia
  • Or simply a request based on the patients preference

GA is available in our sister dental office at Burnaby Sedation Dental, and you can find more information about this option @

In addition, you can call the below dental office to set up your appointment, or to chat further about this type of specialized treatment.

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