A professionally fitted mouthguard can make or break your smile – literally. Whether you are involved in contact sports, your child plays a subdued form of flag football, or your or your child grinds/clenches their teeth at night â€Ĥa mouthguard can help protect you from a myriad of concerns associated with playing sports or even sleeping.

Although a lot of people opt for the basic mouthguards they can buy at most sports stores, these types of guards can potentially do more harm than good during sporting events, and pose a choking hazard as a sleeping mouthguard.

Mouthguards and Concussions

Studies are still out on the benefits of a mouthguard to prevent concussions, but they still significantly absorb impact, and distribute force more equally to your teeth, face and jaw when taking a blow to the face.

Mouthguards and Tooth Trauma

Preventing your teeth from chipping, becoming dislodged, or getting fractured, not only will save you on costly repairs, it will also prevent potential years of discomfort.

Losing any of your front teeth will lead to the need for an implant, and those are most often the teeth lost when playing any number of sports. This is a costly and time-involved process, so implementing preventative measures with a mouthguard simply makes sense.

Mouthguards and TMJ

If you grind or clench your teeth, a professional mouthguard can better prevent TMJ from occurring, and tooth injury happening from repeat clenching and grinding, as well as guarding against painful lip and mouth lacerations.

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