Orthodontic treatment is a commitment both with time and money. But at DentistsRUs, we know the value it offers and we want to help you understand that value also!

Understanding Malocclusion
Malocclusion is simply a big word referring to crooked teeth or an improper bite. Ones “bite” refers to the position of the upper and lower teeth and how they line up.

Normally, your upper teeth should land ever so slightly forward over your lower teeth, and even though someone’s smile can appear perfect, their bite can still be off, causing jaw issues, TMJ, headaches and other concerns.

Orthodontic treatment is intended to correct both the crooked teeth as well as the improper bite, and dental professionals who specialize in this process are called Orthodontists.

What Causes Malocclusion?
Malocclusion can be caused simply due to a person’s jaw being too small to accompany all their adult teeth, or a genetic predisposition, possibly due to thumb sucking as a child or pacifier use, as well as adults tooth loss.

Signs and Diagnoses of Malocclusion
Obvious crooked teeth is the initial sign of malocclusion, but other less obvious signs, such as a persistent clicking jaw, might also be a symptom. A dental professional can check for signs of concern even in childhood years, and can help preemptively lessen or entirely eliminate crooked teeth for your child as they grow.

Regular dental checkups are important to keep your child’s teeth healthy overall, but these types of consistent checkups can also offer your dentist the foresight of potential concerns such as malocclusion with your child.

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