As we mentioned in our last post, having your dental concerns checked right away is an important part in optimal oral care. But there are some other oral concerns that you might also want a dental professional to take a look into. Concerns such as…

Stained Teeth

Teeth become discoloured over time due to the foods we eat, our lifestyle choices such as drinking red wine and smoking, various medications, tooth trauma due to a sports injury or other such things, and the teeth simply aging.

There are various ways in which to address stained and discoloured teeth. From staying away from the types of food and drink that stain your teeth, altering your lifestyle choices, buying a whitening toothpaste and/or mouthwash, or having your teeth professionally cleaned.

A combination of these things is a good idea to keep your teeth healthy and white, but any of the above will provide you with various levels of diminished stains on your teeth.

Crooked Teeth

Coloured teeth can be somewhat addressed at home, but crooked teeth need to be addressed by a dental professional. Whether you want to opt for an invisible solution such as Invisalign, or undergo orthodontic treatment in more severe cases, crooked teeth are worth having a look at.

Gap Between Teeth

A gap between your teeth can add physical character, but sometimes people want the gap corrected for appearance reasons. Options for “filling in the gap” include: orthodontics to move teeth closer together, and veneers or bonding is a consideration as well.

Too Many Teeth

Did you know some people have extra teeth? It’s true. It’s a condition known as hyperdontia, and often those with a cleft palate or non-cancerous tumors known as Gardner’s Syndrome are prone to these additional teeth and can benefit from treatment.

Too many teeth can lead to a very tight fit between teeth as well, not allowing you to floss between your teeth. Sometimes opting for waxed floss can solve the problem, other times it is important to consider orthodontic treatment to correct the concern. Because as you are likely aware – leaving food particles between your teeth for extended period of time will lead to decay.

At DentistsRUs, we believe in the “community of care” approach. We are here to help answer any questions you might have, and we offer many dentists across the Lower Mainland who can also assist you!