This Christmas, instead of stuffing your little one’s stocking with candy, what about considering oral care stocking stuffers?

We get it, “healthy habits” are not always fun presents to open, but by providing tasty toothpastes and interesting dental floss and perhaps even “plaque detecting” mouthwashes …your kids will likely get on board with your healthy agenda, and overlook the candy deficit.

Here are some fun -yet healthy- stocking stuffer ideas that will offer healthy smiles…

  1. Xylitol-infused Chewing Gum. This sugar-free gum helps to stimulate saliva, keeping harmful acids at bay, helping to remove some food particles from your mouth. This gum is naturally sweetened with Xylitol, which studies show helps to prevent tooth decay.
  2. Flavoured Floss. From bacon flavoured for the boys, to cupcake flavoured for the girls, having a fun and tasty dental floss on hand will help encourage your kids to floss daily.
  3. Tasty Toothpaste. Sometimes the mint flavour just doesn’t cut it for the young ones, so finding a flavour -or a mixture of flavours- that your kids will love, will also have them feeling more inclined to brushing twice daily.
  4. Mouthguard. Whether for sleeping or for sports, mouthguards are a great way to combat against the damages of teeth grinding, and also ensure your child’s teeth are not harmed in any vigorous sporting activities. Whether you purchase a basic one that you can heat up and mold to your child’s teeth, or you have a professional one made at one of our DentistsRUs offices …it’s a great way to ensure a healthy and chip’less smile for your child.
  5. Mouthwash. We’ll let the Listerine website take it away on this one…


It’s not the easiest job to get your children to brush their teeth, but what if you could make it more fun? Help prevent cavities and strengthen their teeth by creating a playful routine with LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® for KIDS. Brush, rinse, gargle, and spit; and they’ll be able to see bits of food they might have missed in the sink. Okay, you may think it’s gross. But at least they’ll think it’s cool. LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® for KIDS is recommended for children aged six and older, and it comes in three alcohol-free flavours: MINT, BUBBLEGUM and BERRY SHIELD™. Help your kids form good habits with a rinse recognized by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) for preventing cavities.

At DentistsRUs, we want one and all to have a healthy and happy holiday season. We hope these creative gift-giving ideas will assist you in giving the gift of optimal oral health!