Caring for your infants oral health might seem “silly”, seeing as they are toothless little humans, but how you maintain those gummy smiles will result in how healthy their teeth will be once they do emerge.

How to Care for Your Baby’s Oral Health While Teething
When your child’s first teeth are trying to come through, their gums can be tender and sore. You can ease this discomfort by rubbing on their gums with a clean finger or a gum massager in order to minimize the oral ache of teething with pressure, or allow them to chew on a teething ring or wet clean cloth, which will also allow for the same soothing affects.

How to Care for Your Baby’s First Teeth
Although your child will lose their first set of teeth to adult teeth later in life, their first teeth are incredibly important as they set the tone for the teeth that come after.

So ensure you clean your baby’s mouth by laying them on your lap, and while holding their head close to your face in order to see clearly into their mouth, clean their gums and emerging teeth by rubbing a clean damp cloth along both the upper and lower gums. Note: there are also Terrycloth Finger Cots that are available for this purpose if you prefer.

Clean their teeth and gums twice a day in this fashion – usually after breakfast and after their last meal of the day.

Once their teeth are more than just “erupting nubs”, trade in the cloth for a soft-bristled toothbrush, and begin to brush their teeth with water 2-3 times a day. Toothpaste is not recommended until the age of 2, and should be monitored to ensure they do not swallow the paste.

Tiny Tots and Tooth Decay
Tooth decay can happen at any age, so ensuring your child never falls asleep with a bottle, or is consuming refined sugars, will better guard against harming their soft new teeth – as well as cleaning their mouth and teeth as suggested.

At DentistsRUs, we look forward to a child’s first dental visit, and would love to help ease your child into a positive lifelong oral health care practice. We offer dental professionals across the Lower Mainland, and would be truly tickled to see any new addition to your family at your next dental checkup!