Pregnancy is an exciting time for expecting mothers …and with Mothers Day quickly approaching; we thought it would be a great time to talk about Oral Care During Pregnancy!

For a mom-to-be, their growing belly follows closely along with their growing excitement of what’s to come. Although first times mom might have a few more concerns and questions than those who have been pregnant before, there are some questions that may not have come up in previous pregnancies – such as oral care.

Pregnancy Hormones and Your Oral Health

Due to the hormone changes in your body, there is an increased risk for developing gum disease, and sometimes an increased risk for tooth decay.

That is why keeping your oral health in good order during your pregnancy will better ensure you don’t suffer any unnecessary tooth or gum pain; pain that might need to wait until post-pregnancy to address.

If possible, have a dental checkup before you become pregnant in order to correct any current concerns, or address any questions regarding your dental care while pregnant.

When to Avoid Seeing the Dentist While Pregnant

It is recommended that you avoid dental treatments during your first trimester, as well as the second half of your third trimester. Of course emergencies can arise, and those can be addressed on a patient-to-patient basis. However, during the aforementioned periods, this is an important development and growth cycle for your baby, so avoiding anything that could interrupt that growth or impede it in any way is important.

What Kind of Dental Treatment Can I have During Pregnancy?

A regular dental checkup can be conducted during the second trimester, involving things such as a simple cleaning and checking your gums for gingivitis. However, other more extensive dental care should be left until you have delivered your baby.

At DentistsRUs, we provide you with a variety of dental professionals throughout the Lower Mainland who can offer you a dental checkup and cleaning during your pregnancy. See our list below, and call to secure an appointment today!

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