Dry mouth is one of those unpleasantries some of us tend to experience at one time or another in our lifetime. Whether it’s caused from medications, dehydration, or a myriad of other reasons, dry mouth can cause a variety of concerns and issues.


A lack of saliva means that your mouth is not being properly “cleansed” throughout the day, and bacteria and fungi can grow in the mouth with the absence of adequate saliva.


However, there are solutions for dry mouth (also known as xerostomia) that we are going to cover in this blog, to better ensure you minimize the effects of this condition.

What Causes Dry Mouth?

As we mentioned, medications can be one of the causes of dry mouth. It is often a listed side effect of many prescriptions, which your doctor or pharmacist will likely make you aware of before providing you with the prescription. If it is a short-term prescription – then it shouldn’t be much of a concern, but if it is something you have to take for an ongoing amount of time, you might want to ask your doctor if there are any alternatives not inclusive of this side effect.

Dehydration is another reason we mentioned for dry mouth, and obviously occurs when you do not drink enough fluids. But dehydration can also occur due to a fever, sweating, vomiting, blood loss and even burns.

Lifestyle choices such as tobacco and alcohol are also contributing factors to dry mouth, and diseases and infections are yet another reason. From diabetes to anemia to mumps …there is actually quite a long list of medical conditions that contribute to xerostomia (dry mouth).

So How Is Dry Mouth Treated?

If it is due to the medications you are taking, talk to your doctor for an alternative. There are also oral rinses available to restore mouth moisture, and even prescriptions to boost saliva production known as Salegen. Natural solutions include: chewing gum, increasing your water intake, brushing with fluoride and using a rinse as well.

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