White teeth are all the rage. Not that yellow teeth were ever perceived as the preferable choice, but white teeth, teeth whitening, toothpaste that whitens your teeth …is all at the top of the list for many people.

A white smile is the gateway to your overall appearance, and can truly aid in your level of self-confidence. Surveys also repeatedly show, that your smile is the first thing people notice. Whether it’s in a professional work setting, or in the dating marketplace …a white smile is the look of optimal health.

As tiresome as the saying might be – it still rings true, you only get one chance to make a first impression. So make the whitest, brightest first impression possible.

Our New Westminster dentists offer Spa-Dent whitening services. Whether you want to pop by for a whitening treatment over your work lunch break, or you wish to include it in your weekend plans, our dental office is conveniently located in the New Westminster Skytrain Station to serve you in the community you live, work, or play in.

From Oprah, to dental professionals worldwide, it is reported that a white smile can take 10 years off your appearance. With that kind of surgery-free facelift, it seems well worth the investment.

Along with teeth whitening treatments, there are also ways to naturally keep your smile a brighter shade of white, and we’ll cover that in our next couple posts.

So if you desire to shave years off your appearance, and want a whiter smile for an increasingly healthy appearance, ask our New Westminster dentists about a Spa-Dent treatment , and be sure to tune in next week for some tips on how to naturally keep your smile from fading or staining with the many foods that can cause such a disruption.

At DentistsRUs, we want everyone to feel confident, look stunning, and appear healthy. So allow us to help …call, click, or stop by for more information!

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