Although there is an ongoing debate about fluoride, the issue we are going to tackle today is if there is such a thing as too much fluoride. And the answer is – yes.

Although we believe fluoride to be an important part of your oral health care, children are at risk for ingesting too much fluoride. Kids, who are 8 or younger, are still developing their permanent teeth under their gums, and too much fluoride can create a condition known as fluorosis. Fluorosis causes white spots initially, but they can also become brown, and these spots are unable to be removed through simply polishing the teeth.

Fluoride, in large amounts, causes teeth to become increasingly porous. So when children ingest too much fluoride – often a result of toothpaste swallowing – they can put their developing teeth at risk. If your child has a habit of swallowing their toothpaste, switch to a fluoride-free paste until they are capable of spitting it out and are not constantly tempted to swallow this tasty, but potentially harmful treat.

Fluoride still remains an important factor in avoiding cavities. Regardless of if you are a child, teenager, adult or senior …topical fluoride is important in fighting decay, as well as strengthening developing teeth.

Alternately to the concern of children having too much fluoride, adults can be lacking in fluoride, and can require intensive fluoride treatments. If this is the case, acting as a preventative and restorative measure, your dentist can provide you with a fluoride varnish or gel, or you can use a prescription fluoride gel to obtain the fluoride levels necessary to restore your teeth.

Regardless of if you fear your child is receiving too much fluoride, or you think you might require more, DentistsRUs can provide you with a dental professional who will offer you the answers and solutions you need at a local dental office near you!

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