It never seems to fail – you’re feeling sleeping, then have to go through your nighttime before-bed routine, which ends up giving you an unwanted second wind. But there is a way to keep you feeling sleepy despite having to undergo your regular evening oral care, and that includes brushing your teeth under the calming ambiance of a dimly lit room.

In fact, a study by Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University discovered that brushing your teeth in the dark – or near dark – could actually help you sleep better at night. Who knew?!

The Affect of Brushing Your Teeth in the Light
Fluorescent lighting is a stark reality to work under – let alone live under, and undergoing your brushing routine under fluorescent lights or bright lights in general, can actually cause you to wake up. Although this is great for your morning rush, your evening routine will not benefit from this at all. So if possible – brush without the lights on, or install a dimmer for the perfect nighttime teeth brushing environment, and forego the second wind for a maintained sleepy reality instead.

The Importance of a Restful Sleep
Failing to get enough sleep night after night can lead to increased stress due to fatigue, as well as cause you to become more prone to sickness. Which is why staying off your phone or any electronic device at least an hour before bed, brushing your teeth in a dimly lit room, and creating before-bed routines that are restful for your mind – are important in order to facilitate a restful sleep.

At DentistsRUs we aim to help our patients both inside and outside our Lower Mainland dental offices, and hope that this article has shed some “light” on the topic of a restful teeth brushing routine. Small lifestyle changes like these can make a big difference in the overall picture of your health, so give it a try – and let us know if you recognize a difference in your sleep!

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