Mom Knows Best

September Solutions Part 3

Moms often have the solutions for everything. But adding “problem solver” to the long list of motherly duties most moms already take on, tends to put them in last place on their own priority list.

We would never consider this a “bad habit”, but running yourself ragged as a mother will often have you teetering on a number of break-downs. We want moms to be able to enjoy the child-rearing years, and not always have to be in high gear.

At Dentists R Us, we give you permission to take care of yourself. In fact, the next time the kids are in for a cleaning, allow us to wipe any trace of stress from your complexion and enjoy a BOTOX treatment in-office.

Outside of erasing outward stress marks, let us help you make a plan to streamline your motherly duties. Easier said than done, we understand …but here’s our attempt!

Create A Healthy Rhythm

The gym is likely the last thing on your list as a busy mom, but taking time for some physical activity will actually produce MORE energy for you. Even if it’s not the gym, take some time and go outside with the kids. A mixture of nature, fresh air and exercise, will have you breathing a sigh of stress-relief, and aiding in your overall health.

Be The Example They Emulate

Sometimes leading by example takes less effort than continually telling your kids to do something. Why not create a nighttime routine that you can participate in also. Challenge each other to jointly brush in the morning, and brush/floss in the evening too.

In addition to creating a good habit together, it is unlikely you will want to repeat the process later that evening. Brushing your teeth can actually help you to NOT eat again after the early evening hours, and this will further promote your newly formed exercise habits (mentioned above) …and the results will soon speak for themselves!

Last Place No More

As much as mothers are praised for constantly putting themselves last, it can actually have an adverse effect on their health. By gaining a little “me time”, it can promote positive mental health, and relieve stress. Whether it’s 5 minutes of quiet time with your cup of coffee in the morning, or a 30 minute yoga class once a week …creating habits for yourself that allow you time to yourself, can greatly impact the effectiveness of your day, and the overseeing of your family affairs in general.

So although we agree that mother knows best, we also feel that mothers deserve and require a break. So be sure to schedule that into your positive habit forming routine …and we’ll see you for a BOTOX treatment at your child’s next cleaning.


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