There are a variety of reasons why you might be missing teeth at various ages. Clearly the loss of primary teeth is a given, but some people are born actually “missing” future teeth – most often they are the wisdom teeth. But interestingly enough, some people are also predisposition to not have their lateral incisor grow in …these are the teeth located next to the big front tooth.

These are naturally occurring incidences and not ones to be overly concerned by, but tooth loss from gum disease and cavities are more problematic concerns.

Tooth Extraction & Dentures

If your tooth decay is beyond repair, and implants are too costly, dentures are an option you might want to consider. Be sure to call to see which of our offices provide such services, but regardless of location – our dental professionals will ensure you are comfortable throughout your teeth extraction process, and you have the recovery time necessary before your dentures are fitted to your gums.

Although having your teeth extracted is a last resort for any dental professional, sometimes removing a tooth or multiple teeth is beneficial, as chronic dental infections can be the source of heart attacks, strokes and many other medical problems you should not risk.

So if you have any dental concerns, regardless of the nature of them, feel free to call, click, or stop by any of our below offices to secure an appointment with a dentist in your local area.

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