Making oral care part of a family affair can help children create positive habits from a young age.

In fact, they say it takes 2-3 weeks to create a habit, so imagine what could be instilled in the first 3-5 years of childhood that your child will carry with them into adulthood? Emulating a good routine and healthy habits will better ensure your child or children grow up with the same outlook and character traits. So start early, and watch the healthy habits grow!

When to Start Dental Treatments

Parents often hear differing opinions on when to start their child’s first dental treatments, but it is when your child’s teeth first appear that you should book an appointment.

Although this might seem early, it is a good time to start those healthy habits we mentioned, and have your child seeing that the dentist office is a fun and positive place to go. Because healthy teeth mean minimal treatments, and simple cleanings.

In addition, starting young means your dentist can apply preventative measures to your child’s teeth such as sealants – which prevent cavity causing bacteria from getting into the soft pits of your child’s larger back teeth, and fluoride supplements, in case they are low for a variety of reasons.

Also, starting early can help offer you, the parent, helpful reminders about proper oral hygiene for young children. Toothbrush and toothpaste types to use, and a simple refresher on brushing techniques.

Keep in mind, young children are at risk for dental concerns if they…

  • sleep with a bottle
  • drink a lot of juice during the day
  • have undetected problematic tooth development
  • grind their teeth
  • suck their thumb or have a soother for extended years

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