Making Meaningful Mother’s Day Memories

At DentistsRUs, we love celebrating happy smiles – and we think that Mother’s Day is the ideal time to do so! Which is why we want to play a part in ‘Making Meaningful Mother’s Day Memories’. And although flowers and brunch are an excellent go-to Mother’s Day activity, we have a few other ideas up our sleeve that will be sure to make mom smile, delivering creative ways to celebrate the woman who plays an important role in your life!

Write a Letter

Cards are great and can often say something very meaningful and poetic in very few words. However, letters are something that have become lost in the online world of eCards and Facebook messages. So take it back old school with a hand-written letter to your mom, describing all the meaningful memories she has helped to create for you over the years. We know it would mean the world to her, and be a gift she will cherish forever!

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Mom’s are endlessly taking pictures because they want to capture a moment in time, so finding all these meaningful moments and putting them together in a scrap book with personalized quotes, inside jokes and common sayings you share, will be sure to take Mother’s Day to new heights and have your mom swimming in the depths of meaningful memories!

Gather the Troops

One thing moms endlessly miss, are her kids. Whether everyone is all grown up and scattered across the continent, or simply strewn around the Lower Mainland, consider gathering the troops, putting together a skit, or compiling a conglomeration of poems. A stand-up routine such as we all often did as kids, will be a delightful way to celebrate mom’s special day – and she will be sure to adore it!

Mother’s Day is definitely a day well-worth celebrating and creating or revisiting memorable memories. Saying “I love you” never gets old and can go a long way to fill the hearts of mothers everywhere, but showing mom you love her will take it to the next level of meaningful, and turn an average day into a meaningful one!